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Vernon Howard, in Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, talks about commanding your own mind. SELF -VICTORY It is possible for anyone to command his own mind.  We do not permit strangers to enter our home and destroy valuable possessions, so why permit negative thoughts to roam destructively around our minds?  You are no more required…

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Do What You Don’t Want to Do

It has been emphasized by many great teachers that any attempt to ‘fix’ ourselves is not only futile, but counter productive to our spiritual growth.   Perhaps this compelling propensity we have is due to our arrogance; we don’t want to view ourselves as under very concrete and immutable laws of nature. It is as if…

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Lights Along the Mystic Path

If we are stressed out and unhappy, it is because we are not living from our True Self. Ponder these helpful ideas from Vernon Howard’s book  Cosmic Command to discover what has been waiting for us all along. *** A wise plan for knowing who you are is to first discover who you are not,…

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