Attract The Light

If I go out to my garden and plant a tiny tomato seed, that seed, if I take care of it and protect it, will grow into a huge plant that will produce abundant fruit. It will become something very different than that mere tiny seed that I started with. It’s the same with self-discovery and the inner life: just like that tomato seed changed, so can the way you experience the world around you. Murray Oxman wonderfully introduces this something else…


Attract the Light

(from “How to Tune Up Your Life” by Murray Oxman)

Latent inside every human being is something that one never hears about in ordinary circumstances. This certain something is not part of this physical world but in fact a part of a higher world–the world of infinite space. When nurtured properly this small part can grow and then attract the Light that shines throughout the universe to shine on one’s inner-world. Then one starts to see oneself and the world in a bright, new, different way.


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