Life Lessons


The Many Many Lessons of Life

OK, so you have been on the planet long enough to know that eating something grown organically over eating something that has been grown and bathed in chemicals is better.  It’s a no-brainer – common sense knows.  You also understand that you can’t spend more money than you take in or there are going to be problems and consequences that emerge.  And you also get it clearly, that if you play with fire (either physically or psychologically) there is a very good chance you will be burned.  These are just a few.  There are millions of life’s lessons waiting for your discoveries.

I’d like to bring up a very high lesson which is powerful, enlightening and so rewarding.  Here is what Vernon Howard says in The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power about impressions:

“What kind of impression are you making on yourself?  It is self-enriching to find out.
Every twenty-four hours you receive thousands of positive and negative impressions.  They come from outside and within.  You see a glittering lake or you overhear a gloomy remark, or someone smiles at you — and you have three separate impressions.  You suddenly recall an incident from yesterday or wonder about tomorrow’s weather — and have two more impressions…

“Impressions flow in a constant stream;  you need do nothing to invite them and you cannot stop them.  But the kind of impressions admitted to your mind  make your life what it is.

“Upon reaching a certain level of psychic awareness, you have the power to receive only healthy impressions, the cheery and helpful ones.  If negative impressions come your way, you will be able to stop them before they penetrate to make you sad or upset.  Unhealthy impressions are like theives in the night,  who steal your psychic riches leaving you poor and exhausted.  You cannot stop them from trying to enter, but you can prevent them from actually penetrating.  By becoming aware of them, by exposing the thieves in the night,  you destroy them.  It is as if you have the magic ability to dissolve a flying stone before it strikes you.

“There are millions of beautiful impressions and they are all for you.    They are enough to make you a supremely happy man, or woman.  You need only exclude the unwanted impressions and welcome the happy ones.”


Inner Life Exercise

Simply watch and be curious to see the impressions you are making on yourself: in the morning, at work or school, during lunchtime, at dinner and during the evening.   Also be alert to the impressions you are having as you fall asleep.  You are separating from your thoughts and feelings that keep you driven and tired during your days.  Good things will happen if you stick with this exercise.


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