Happiness Itself

The first time I read a Vernon Howard book, I felt a load of bricks come off my back. I kept the book with me, and the moment I felt the slightest tugging of anxiety, I would refer to it and it never failed to set me on course in the right direction. I can’t express in words how his books can change a person’s life. Even though they were written 30 plus years ago, the content is timeless. The words are very much alive with Life! They come out of the pages and speak to the reader’s essence – something that is buried inside us; a part of our True nature that we recognize as home.
It was an honor and a privilege to know Vernon Howard and attend his class lectures for many years. He was a living example of everything he taught. As I use the principles daily, I can never forget how grateful I am!


Here are some passages from my favorite Vernon Howard book, “Pathways to Perfect Living”:

Q. I know what will make me happy, but cannot attain it.

A. If you know what will make you happy, you don’t know. If you know, you will be unhappy when what you desire fails to appear or goes away. But if you don’t know what will make you happy, you are happy, because you have nothing to lose. To have no ideas whatsoever as to what will make you happy is happiness itself.


Inner Life Exercise

Watch the things you do because you assume that you enjoy them. Watch closely and you may make a startling discovery: You don’t do them because you really want to, but because you fear not to do them. In other words, try to discern your inner compulsion for doing things which only seem pleasurable. Are you doing them from a false sense of duty, or from fear of missing out on something, or from nervous habit? Try to find out. Your very awareness melts the psychological chains.


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