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Archive for March 2016

Inner Newness

Sometimes this work is about  taking baby steps for inner freedom.  For example, not saying that mean, flippant remark, or slowing down a little.  A really nice aim is not to allow yourself to feel bad about anything.  It is important to work on yourself all day long, every day.  If we do not make…

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Another Way

As a child and young adult,  I was surrounded by people who were suffering terribly, yet assured me that if  I continued on the path they had followed, I would eventually reach a place of relief and peace.  Even though it was apparent to me at the time that they had not attained that ‘good…

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Real Progress

Vernon Howard’s solution to making Spiritual Progress Recently, while all alone, I sat myself down and asked a very important spiritual progress question:  “How am I doing?”… looking at my life, my spirit, my relationships and my general well-being.  Plainly, after being very honest with myself, I realized I had been deceiving myself concerning my…

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