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Archive for August 2016

Five Magic Steps

Your Five Magic Steps to Truly Victorious Living (an excerpt from Pathways to Perfect Living by Vernon Howard) Esoteric wisdom quickly defeats whatever now defeats you.  To gain this wisdom, let’s examine the five steps to victory: 1. The Event 2. The Disturbance 3. The Endurance 4. The Awakening 5. The Victory Presently, you may…

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Refuse to Feel Bad

Refuse to Feel Bad Life really does become fun again when we follow these powerful principles!  Murray Oxman explains exactly what to do in his encouraging book, “How to Tune Up Your Life”.  Here is an excerpt: Tool 13 —  Refuse to Feel Bad:  Real lasting happiness and comfort do exist.  Where are they?  Why…

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A Note on Relaxation

A Note on Relaxation (Maurice Nicoll, Psychological Commentaries on the Teachings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky) It is a long time since we spoke about relaxing.  On several occasions in the past we were told that we had to relax and to practise relaxation every day. Of course this has become a familiar word having no…

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Accept the Correction (audio)

ACCEPT THE CORRECTION (Excerpt from a talk by Vernon Howard) Have you noticed how comfortable this society that you live in is with its wrongness?  Real slow now, so you can see the whole story.  Have you noticed how comfortable people are in their misery? Think of the word ‘settled’,  that will make it clear. …

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