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Archive for September 2016

Light of Self-Honesty

The Light of Self-Honesty Keith stated, “All of us sense the power of self-honesty.  How can we make it work for us?” “When  a man takes an unpleasant fact about himself as a fact, and not as a hurtful criticism, it ceases to be a fact.  This is mental magic.  Suppose a deceitful man is…

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Slow Down to What Is

Most always we rush through our lives, never paying proper attention to our thoughts and beliefs.  Sadly, we find ourselves tired and irritable at the end of the day.  If we’ll slow down a little, we can become aware of these thoughts before they take root in our minds and potentially ruin our lives. In Freedom…

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Accept Your Harmony

Accept Your Harmony Vernon Howard, Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge The classic song ‘The Lost Chord’, is a summary of man’s ceaseless search for something beyond himself.  Written by Sir Arthur Sullivan and Adelaide Proctor, the song tells of an organist who played idly upon the organ keys.  In a weary mood, he was unaware of…

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