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Archive for November 2016

Recapitulation on Essence and Personality (audio)

The awesomeness of Man’s Creation and development is beautifully discussed in this chapter from Psychological Commentaries on the Teachings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky by Maurice Nicoll.  (Note:  the audio covers the whole chapter, which is a few paragraphs beyond what is typed below.) RECAPITULATION  ON  ESSENCE  AND  PERSONALITY Essence comes down to Earth and there…

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The Greatest Secret on Earth

Looking back at my life, one of my biggest fears was the dim realization of my inability to cope in a constantly changing world.  Everyone I knew was heading in a certain direction and seemed so sure of themselves.  On the contrary, I was not sure at all, yet I was keenly aware of my…

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On Awakening from Sleep (audio)

The following is an excerpt from one of Maurice Nicoll’s commentaries entitled:  ON AWAKENING FROM SLEEP.  It is from his 3rd book of “Psychological Commentaries on the Teachings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.” ON AWAKENING FROM SLEEP We are studying a system of ideas sometimes called esoteric Christianity and which amongst ourselves we call the Work.  This system…

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Actions Towards Others

ACTIONS TOWARDS OTHERS (Vernon Howard, Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge) You can sweep aside all arguments and questions concerning your actions towards others with one simple rule.  Any action that is truly right for you is truly right for another.  And what is truly wrong for you is also harmful to your neighbour.   You are…

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