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Archive for January 2017


Great psychological essays are most often written to convey an important life message.  But  it is always the responsibility of the reader to apply the ideas for the deepest meaning to take root.  Murray Oxman had a profound ability to see things clearly and write about them in easily understandable language.  From his perceptive book,…

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How to Perform Right Action

HOW TO PERFORM RIGHT ACTION (Vernon Howard, The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power) “Millions of people assume it is enough to seek the Truth. It is not. It is essential to seek in the right way. The right way starts with a right frame of mind, with simple receptivity.  Everything depends upon the way we…

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A Note on Effort (audio)

A NOTE ON EFFORT (Maurice Nicoll, Psychological Commentaries on the Teachings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, Vol 3) The Work speaks of the necessity of effort. Strictly speaking, it says that it is necessary to make right effort.  The method of Sly Man is to make right effort:  he sees what particular effort is necessary at…

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Pitfalls Along the Path

How to Break Through the Roadblocks of Life (an excerpt from Vernon Howard’s Pathways to Perfect Living) Here are the various roadblocks along the esoteric highway. You can break through them with self-insight. 1.  False assumptions:  If we suspect that our false assumptions are assumptions, and not the facts that they seem to be, our days…

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