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Archive for February 2017

What is Mysticism?

What is Mysticism? (from Mystic Path to Cosmic Power by Vernon Howard) We want to settle for an accurate definition of mysticism. As used and abused as the term is, we must clarify our thinking for the purposes of our study. We can state our definition in several different ways, realizing that they all describe…

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The following excerpts from Vernon Howard, when read and understood through personal action, surely lead to a life of true excitement, and confident serenity.  Here exists answers that your essence has been seeking since you were born. HAPPINESS (Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge) To sow the same seeds is to reap the same weeds.  Even…

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The Chief Wolf and the Sermon on Kindliness

 The Chief Wolf and the Sermon on Kindliness (from a talk by Vernon Howard, 3/22/80) A chief wolf who lived in the woods one day called his pack of friends together. And the chief wolf stood up in front of them and he said, “Good morning. I will now give you our morning sermon.”And the…

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