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Archive for March 2017


(From the personal notes of our dear friend and Truth student, Pat Visick) The following phrases are monumental in depth; collected from the Well of Truth and made available to humanity from on High.  Let the following serve as reminders for what is important in this Life.  Each day, ponder one or more of them,…

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A Note on External Considering

A NOTE ON EXTERNAL CONSIDERING (Maurice Nicoll, Psychological Commentaries on the Teachings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky) A quite natural question was asked at one of the sub-groups in connection with the last paper:  “Can external considering be entirely divorced from internal considering?” External considering is always conscious.  It is anti-mechanical and so requires conscious effort. …

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The Tender Trap

      THE TENDER TRAP (by Vernon Howard) Knowledge about how to work on yourself is necessary.  It provides a compass that guides us safely into the unknown territory of our minds.  Equally important is applying what we learn to our everyday life.  When we work simultaneously on both, we find there is no…

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Take Charge of Life

*** Only naturalness feels good.  So when anxious feelings arise here’s a great solution… TAKE CHARGE OF LIFE (Vernon Howard, Conquer Anxiety and Frustration) When meeting any situation in life, one of two things always happens: 1.  The situation takes charge of you 2. You take charge of the situation It is one or the…

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