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Self Transformation Through Simple Observation

 Practically speaking, our lives can take on new excitement and meaning by simple observation and directed effort.  Observation of our own mechanical actions and habits is the surest way to move from a completely robotic and painful life to one of insight and beauty. There is no need to seek beyond where you are at…

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The Understanding of Space and the Nature of Silence

The Understanding of Space & the Nature of Silence Excerpts from 5th Public Talk in Amsterdam, 1967 by Jiddu Krishnamurti “There are two things which it is absolutely necessary to find out about: the understanding of space, and the nature of silence. It is a most interesting thing to find out what space means. We are…

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The Answer is in the Question

Many years ago, I attended Vernon Howard classes on a regular basis.  In the town where I lived, I had an opportunity to be employed at one of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s schools.  Vernon Howard’s teaching was aligned with Mr Krishnamurti’s, so when I asked Vernon if I could have his permission to work there, he responded,…

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