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Archive for May 2017

Getting Stressed Out?

You Can Have a Nice Life Anytime You Want It (from Murray Oxman’s How to Beat the Stress and Get More Out of Life ~ https://successwithoutstress.us/product/how-to-beat-the-stress-and-get-more-out-of-life/) Most people like their lives the way they are.  And part of it is, they like to feel bad, they like to get angry, they like to get negative,…

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You Can Fly as High as You Want to Fly

You Can Fly as High as You Want to Fly (excerpt from a Vernon Howard talk, 1991)So tell yourself and the divine spirit – “I want more than anything else – Authentic Life”.  I want it more than my self-centered dramatics.  Cease to call unlife – Life.You have to do the work.  And you have…

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Immunity to Injury

When I first attended a Vernon Howard talk, I literally sunk in my seat.  What he said about ‘me’ had such an impact that I could only sense at the time, but for certain, on that day my life changed direction.  I only now realize that what ‘sunk’ was my ego … and I am…

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