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Archive for June 2017

Hold to the Straight Line

Hold to the Straight Line by Murray Oxman from How to Tune Up Your Life Here is a Great tool to keep you on the upward path. The world has so so many distractions. People have lost their ‘sensing’ that they should be climbing and not settling into the same boring existence by believing they…

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Relationship Magic

Relationship Magic This is an excerpt from the very insightful book, Secrets of Truly Beautiful Relationships, by Murray Oxman. “Dr. Truth, you spoke earlier of the pain that all of us experience in our daily lives. You said that it is born out of knowing what you want in life and trying to get it.…

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Living Truth

Living Truth (from Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge by Vernon Howard) A truth is understood only when it favourably influences what the individual does, what he is.  He must not only know the truth with his mind, but must live it with his whole being.  Everyone must guard against taking mental knowledge of the truth…

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The First Step is the Last Step

The First Step is the Last Step (from J Krishnamurti’s Inward Revolution) The first step is the last step.  The first step is the step of clear perception, and that clear act of clear perception is the last act.  When you see danger, a serpent, that very perception is complete action.  We said the first…

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