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Archive for July 2017

Vital Information About the Way Out

The following excerpt is from Vernon Howard’s amazing book of practical formulas for inner enlightenment, There is a Way Out:     Vital Information About the Way Out 1.  Remain in the center of these wealthy teachings. 2.  Truth solves all human problems with equal ease. 3.  The past casts no shadows on a man…

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Some Notes on Practical Work

SOME NOTES ON PRACTICAL WORK by Maurice Nicoll from Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky One of the first things we have to understand in working on our- selves is that we have three centres—Intellectual, Emotional and Physical. These three centres are not in harmony. Observe for yourself that you can think…

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The Light Cannot Be Given to You By Another

The Light Cannot Be Given to You By Another ~ J. Krishnamurti,  The Collected Works, Choiceless Awareness Most people, when they are confused, disturbed, want to return to the past; they seek to revive the old religion, to re-establish the ancient customs, to bring back the form of worship practised by their ancestors, and all…

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Man…the Acme of Creation

The following excerpt is from All and Everything by GI Gurdjieff.  Though the style of writing by Mr Gurdjieff requires unbending attention to comprehend, it is well worth the effort. As defined here,  Man was created and so differs from the rest of the animal kingdom, as “…a being who can do,’ and ‘to do’…

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