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Archive for October 2017


We are so involved in our own drama that we miss out on reality.  Vernon Howard’s short talk and exercise helps you break out of your own nonsense.  Practice this: AWARENESS If you only knew how much others are secretly suffering, you would be very consciously tender to them. If you could only feel this…

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Simplicity by Jiddu Krishnamurti Our problems – social, environmental, political, religious – are so complex that we can solve them only by being simple, not by becoming extraordinarily erudite and clever. A simple person sees much more directly, has a more direct experience, than the complex person. Our minds are so crowded with an infinite…

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The Miraculous Message of Mysticism

The Miraculous Message of Mysticism by Vernon Howard, The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power   No conflict exists between mysticism and the established religions any more than there is disagreement among several lecturers who describe the same sunrise. Only their presentations are different. William James, the giant among American psychologists, harmonizes religion and mysticism like…

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The Wandering Lunatic Mind

At first, venturing into unknown territories of the mind can be a little scary.    The good news is that the more you see, the freer you become.  We are slaves to the  unconscious workings of our minds.  The following short essay by Edward Carpenter explains this beautifully. *** The Wandering Lunatic Mind Do not pay too…

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