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Archive for March 2018

Imagination and Vanity

I was doing my chores this morning and noticed that the mind was not satisfied being there. It wanted to lure me away from the present moment. In the following excerpt from The Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, Book 2, Maurice Nicoll speaks on the danger of imagination. *** We all…

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How Self-Insight Advances

How Self-Insight Advances (from There is a Way Out by Vernon Howard) “‘Tell us something about the process of self-enlightenment.’ “Happily, one insight leads to the next. See how uncomfortable you are with people and you see how you have unnecessarily made yourself their slave. See the need to stop pretending and you see how to end…

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Just One Thing Happening

                                                                                 Just One Thing Happening (an excerpt from a Vernon Howard lecture) Shall I tell you…

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