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You Can Live in Natural Newness

You Can Live in Natural Newness – Vernon Howard Asked Dr. Richard D., “How can we free the mind from a negative thought which tries to invade and injure us?” Answer: “By letting it go the instant it appears. People cling to negative thoughts because they love their nervous vibrations, which is false life. Sacrifice…

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Higher Understanding

Higher Understanding (by Vernon Howard) When you begin to see that you have created your world in your own image, it will shock you. Here is an exercise for you – when you are pained (I can’t begin to tell you what a marvelous change this will make in your life) – every time you…

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Humiliation is Your Salvation (audio)

For a Truth-Seeker, nothing is ever wasted. Each physical disturbance, personal conflict, life crisis; in short, every troubling event in our lives has special meaning for us. In fact, anything that can shake us out of our everyday, hum-drum stupor is irreplaceable. More than anything else, it is our very pain and suffering that can…

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