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Archive for June 2018

Put an End to Your Suffering

Put an End to Your Suffering Vernon Howard (an excerpt from a 1980 interview) Want to hear something different? Think very carefully and very deeply of what it means to face yourself inwardly until it hurts. Where am I, where are you, where is someone else hiding something inside; hiding it inwardly while outwardly pretending…

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Awareness of Unawareness is Awareness

Sometimes it takes a while to see that there is nothing I can add to myself to make me more aware and conscious. But if I watch myself in action, without condemning or judging, I may find I’m asleep most of the time. Krishnamurti gives a great example of this. “Can you practice awareness? If…

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I love this excerpt from Murray Oxman’s insightful best seller, How to Read People Like a Book: Individuality: Once upon a time there was a flock of sheep grazing on a beautiful hillside of dark green grass in Utah. One fine day one of the newly matured male sheep looked about and noticed that all…

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