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Archive for August 2018

Attract The Light

If I go out to my garden and plant a tiny tomato seed, that seed, if I take care of it and protect it, will grow into a huge plant that will produce abundant fruit. It will become something very different than that mere tiny seed that I started with. It’s the same with self-discovery…

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Now is New

Let the following excerpt by Vernon Howard serve as a reminder of the beauty and practicality of awareness and presence. Nothing could be more inspiring and joyful. From my favorite book, “The Power of Your Supermind”. “How would you feel if this were the very first day of your life? That’s the whole idea! You…

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What is Thought

What is Thought While I was reading a book this morning, the mind began adding money that was in my wallet. Sounds funny, but what was really going on? Here I am reading information that will supposedly make my life better, yet there is a distraction preventing me from attending to what it is I…

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