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 If we are in a building and want to go up to the next floor, we walk over to the elevator, enter, make our request (push the “up” button), and the door closes, safely taking us up. It would be insane to stand in the middle of the lobby and make a request (nothing would…

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First Leave the Old

 Thank God and Truth for Vernon Howard, a true hero! The following is selected from Mystic Path to Cosmic Power: People don’t fail in their cosmic quest because they lack intelligence. The reason for failure can be illustrated by a case: A man living in an uncomfortable hut is told he has inherited a mansion,…

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Come Wide Awake

From the Mystic Path to Cosmic Power, by Vernon Howard, here are two simple yet profoundly great ways to change your day for the better — and the only requirement… putting your attention on them and noticing everything: Twenty Special Secrets Here are two: 1. When two people meet, the prize always goes to the…

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Death is Stalking Us

“How can anyone feel so important when we know that death is stalking us? “…The thing to do when you are impatient is turn to your left and ask advice from your death.  An immense amount of pettiness is dropped if your death makes a gesture to you, or if you catch a glimpse of…

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