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Archive for February 2019


Learn to use inner Tools that you are not using right now. Take right action to change your life so your are content no matter how crazy things get!

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Facing Violence

An excerpt from  Jiddu Krishnamurti , The Collected Works: *** Sir, take violence.  Again, let us think that thought through.  First, I do not like to acknowledge that I am violent, because socially and morally I am told that to be violent is a very bad thing.  But the fact is I am violent.  So…

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What is identification?  Vernon Howard explains it perfectly in Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge: IDENTIFICATION Begin today to comprehend the enormously important idea called identification.  Your understanding will sweep away a thousand difficulties in a flash. To identify means to believe that something gives you an identity of some kind.  You can identify with anything…

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How to Feel Great Every Minute

…Don’t hesitate to challenge any negative feelings you discover within yourself. That is a giant step toward their dismissal. Over many years of lecturing and counseling, I find many people hesitant to question their negative condition. They fear there may not be an answer. But we must dare to ask anything and everything, especially when…

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