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Archive for April 2019

Attract Your Good

See the difference between thinking of the following ideas and thinking from them.  It is thinking from them that attracts your good. *** 1.  Choose not to be harmed–and you won’t feel harmed.  Don’t feel harmed–and you haven’t been. -Marcus Aurelius 2.  Let go.  Don’t hesitate to just let go.  Do not think or contrive…

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Observing ‘I’

Having read this morning, a chapter from Maurice Nicoll’s  Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of GI Gurdjieff and PD Ouspensky, Book 3 , an insightful and instructive course of self-discovery was set in motion.  What a great way to spend the day!  Here is an excerpt: *** “What is our greatest danger as we get…

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Just Observe

Jiddu Krishnamurti comments on self-identifying, understanding and a mind deeply observant. *** Being aware does not mean learning and accumulating lessons from life; on the contrary, to be aware is to be without the scars of accumulated experience.  After all, when the mind merely gathers experience according to its own wishes, it remains very shallow,…

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Attract the Higher

If we are stressed out and unhappy, it is because we are not living from our True Self. Ponder these helpful ideas from Vernon Howard’s book  Cosmic Command to discover what has been waiting for us all along. *** A wise plan for knowing who you are is to first discover who you are not,…

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You are New Every Moment

We humans are in a very strange dilemma, and here it is.  We believe that we must bring about our own salvation through thinking.   The recognition that we need ‘saving’ is a true insight, but we then go on to try and figure out with our faulty mind, what we must do to bring this…

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