A New Friend

by | Feb 19, 2023 | Personal Insights

The False Self is all a mechanical man has for a companion. This Self is always angry, sad, jealous, envious, rude, hostile, revengeful, restless, frustrated, desperate panicky, and has 100’s of mad desires that it wants and is angry about not getting.

Now the man does not trust nor like and is afraid of this false Self. But this is the only friend and companion he has. So he has to live with this Self, the only Self he knows.

That is why such a man is afraid of being alone and goes out to meet friendly, nice, pleasant people because he is afraid of his own false Self and feels in danger with this Self when he is all alone. He doesn’t trust it.

But as the man works with his two other friendly forces, right thinking, keeping the mind where the body is, stopping wrong negative thinking and using right ideas, looking around to see where he is, and relaxing the muscles of the body, then, and then only after many years, he might sight a new stranger at a distance, or maybe sense that a new stranger is out there somewhere. He will feel uneasy and maybe tensed about this, sensing or seeing this new stranger making a closer approach. And if this new stranger starts to get closer, because you somehow have invited him by proper work, maybe he will begin to get closer, and the false friend will start to walk away. You might feel uneasy at being disloyal to your old friend, but deep down, you know you must leave him, for he is nothing but trouble for you.

And Vernon Howard says, “And what a friend and companion you will have. A truly good, all-wise, unafraid, cheerful, happy new friend. Search for this all good, all wise friend, says Vernon Howard.

“For this new friend never makes mistakes, knows everything, and is never angry nor panicky. This friend will do nothing but good wonders for you.


  1. This new friend is all we need. Being disloyal to what hurts us feels strange at first but will become a pleasure. Our new friend can take one step closer, and we can feel it!

  2. Having a causal life is so appealing. Running around like a chicken has gotten very old and boring. Most everyone on planet earth has agreed to an anxious life as being the best they can do. You can be different. Anyone who senses that all that drama is a whole lot of no fun can discover for themselves a life of ease and pleasantness. The price is turning in your unhappy life, which makes room for something so new that you won’t recognize it as the peaceful existence you have been seeking all your life. These ideas are the pearl of great price. But don’t believe me, but prove it for yourself, start walking towards them, and they start walking towards you. Your own personal “New Friend” is waiting for you to discover it.

    • ‘Most everyone on planet earth has agreed to an anxious life as being the best they can do. You can be different.’ This is the best news ever. And the best thing is this post even tells me how to start being disloyal to the old ‘friend’ and start inviting the new, true and loyal friend, even in the tiniest way. If I have failed to keep my mind where my body is, relax my physical body, work with right ideas over negative ones in the past then it doesn’t matter because I can start new right now. I can welcome the new friend.


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