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Posts by G. I. Gurdjieff

The Magician and the Sheep (audio)

The following is a wonderful Parable as related by PD Ouspensky (from In Search of the Miraculous) on the basis of what GI Gurdjieff said.  It is a perfect description of our human situation on Earth —   “There is an Eastern tale which speaks of a very rich magician who had a great many…

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Correctly Conducted Self-Observation

Whenever I read Mr Gurdjieff’s writing, the mind is exceedingly challenged to seek a higher level of understanding.  It is capable… just out of practice.   We find a strange sort of comfort and sleep in what we ‘know’ and ‘understand’.  To awaken that buried ability is tremendously enlightening and well worth the effort!  The…

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Man…the Acme of Creation

The following excerpt is from All and Everything by GI Gurdjieff.  Though the style of writing by Mr Gurdjieff requires unbending attention to comprehend, it is well worth the effort. As defined here,  Man was created and so differs from the rest of the animal kingdom, as “…a being who can do,’ and ‘to do’…

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82 Advices from Gurdjieff

I was fortunate enough  yesterday to come across a video on you tube entitled “82 advices from Gurdjieff for his daughter.”  So inspired was I today,  in recalling and practicing these sound words from this mystic master, that my day has been filled with excitement, light-heartedness, and an exalted sense of purpose.    May you…

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