Break Mechanical Thinking



If you ever wondered why all the things you thought would make you happy never worked, read J. Krishnamurti’s short essay on why this is so:

“Comfort is one thing, and truth another; they lead away from each other.  If you seek comfort, you may find it in an explanation, a drug or a belief; but it will be temporary, and sooner or later you will have to begin over again.  And is there such a thing as comfort?  It may be that you will first have to see this fact: that a mind which seeks comfort, security, will always be in sorrow.  A satisfactory explanation, or a comforting belief, can put you soothingly to sleep; but is that what you want?  Will that wipe away your sorrow?  Is sorrow to be got rid of by inducing sleep?”

Jiddu Krishnamurti


Inner Life Exercise

Break Mechanical Thinking

Have you ever watched the face of someone lost in a daydream?
He stares but at nothing.  He does not know where he is.  He will
be a bit startled when spoken to.  Try to catch yourself in this
kind of mechanical thinking.  Shake your head.  Snap out of it.
Deliberately awaken yourself.

Vernon Howard
Treasury of Positive Answers, #740



  1. Steven Hunter on October 10, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    Vernon Howard excerpt from his Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony booklet addresses this strong yearning for comfort: “If it seems difficult to work against your usual habits, remember this spiritual law: Do things the easy way and perpetuate the hard life. But do things the hard way and you finally come to the easy life.” To get out of the mess we find ourselves it takes action and effort. Very Good News!

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