Discovering the New Life

by | May 14, 2022 | Personal Insights

“There is no adventure in life as great and as wonderful as discovering the New Life.”

Truth is exceeding close, comforting and strong. Now isn’t that a delightful thought to think about. Since Truth is close and strong, why are you weak? See Truth says something to you. It says, “I want you to know that when you tremble, I don’t tremble.” If you were to bring yourself back to where you should be internally, you would be right with Truth. It would be your comfort. You need nothing else on earth. To change what you get you must change who you are.

There is only individual salvation, the masses will never experience the higher. God does not answer the masses. God loves the individual.


  1. There’s always a choice, you can sink into terrible states within yourself and live defeated or you can fight for yourself. It is the fighting for yourself that brings about astonishing results. God will not barter with you and he alone decides when or whether you will get or not get higher rewards. Rewards like seeing things you never saw before and/or discovering something about yourself that has kept you captured for years. Fighting for yourself brings inspiration and a total loss of living sadly and depressed. But don’t believe me, go into your own action and confirm it for yourself. You will be eternally grateful. I sure am.

  2. ‘God loves the individual’. Part of me does not like this statement because it means I have to be fully responsible for fighting for myself, and only me. Normally I mess around in everyone else’s business to avoid facing my own wrong states, the fact that I am not where I should be internally. Part of me likes this statement because now I can get a real reward for myself, regardless of what other people choose. A real reward, not what the world says is a reward. The nicest thing is I can start right now, and I can keep choosing to fight for myself. When I catch myself falling into doom and gloom I can start all over!

  3. Right Leo, this is tough work and doing the right thing is not always easy but, and this is a huge but, our lives as we now live them are nothing but tough, terribly tough, torturing tough…. with a sugar donut once in a while coming our way. Away with all this nonsense we can do much better than that and this beautiful, inspiring thing called Truth is more than willing to help us. Hooray!!!


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