I was thinking about false personality and what Vernon Howard says about it.  In his marvelous book, Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, he says this:


A teacher was about to deliver a public lecture.  He instructed his disciples, ‘Observe the audience carefully.’  During the question period of the lecture, one man challenged the teacher several times.  The man obviously found considerable pleasure in making statements such as, ‘I disagree with what you say,’ and, ‘I think I caught you in a contradiction.’

After the lecture, the teacher explained to his students, ‘This man is a familiar type of fearful person whom I recognized at once.  Feeling threatened by the truth, he tried to protect his ego by disagreeing.  The man was saying that his ideas were superior, in fact, he should have been the lecturer.  Do you know what was talking?  His false personality, not his real nature.  As long as he enjoys this false self he cannot help himself.’


Inner Life Exercise

Find out where your false personality has taken command of your life and is speaking on your behalf.  Do this exercise with a mind that wants  to know rather than defend.


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