Hidden Dynamic Facts About Your Mind

by | Sep 8, 2023 | Personal Insights

We do not know ourselves until we know our own minds. Self-acquaintance comes by noticing our hidden motives and desires, which will always be quite different from what we assume they are. For example, a man could see that he is motivated by two main desires– to gain pleasure and to avoid pain. By studying his desires, he could understand their ways; he could detect and banish self-defeating ones. He could also see that by permitting another person to think for him, he opens himself to every delusion and disaster of which that person is capable. (from Vernon Howard’s book Pathways To Perfect Living)


  1. We live in a society of victims. Watch the news if you don’t believe me. If you knew yourself, which nobody does, then you would not run into the problems you meet. Everyone you meet is 100% sure they know themselves, yet everyone gets into trouble, and nobody sees that they get into trouble because of a lack of self-knowledge. We have unconsciously invited the fog, so we can’t see clearly. We are so quick to blame the other. The most enlightening thing to happen to anyone is beginning to see they are their only problem. Oh sure, we all say the world is nuts, but exclude ourselves from the insanity. If someone works with and ponders this subject, one bright day arrives, and a miracle happens…they begin to lose their problems. A person can develop the skill of seeing themselves as if it was someone else. Objectively, without any judgement. This new clarity brings rewards for your spirit. You start to enjoy your life like never before. You don’t take yourself so seriously. You can begin to laugh at yourself in a new way. Talk about fun. There are many things that you can develop into on this planet earth, but attaining higher self-knowledge is the most rewarding. You must go alone, even if you are married, or coupled.

    • Well said Steve ! I am the ONLY problem I have. I am just beginning to see myself without judgement . The mechanical habit of judging is hard to break.

      • Right, Vernon says all those years of falling into bad habits have caused us enormous damage to our inner system. But, the great news is we can get well. And once you know from yourself that you can get psychologically healthy, you are inspired from above, the source of true strength.

  2. Losing oneself seems so lofty and scary when in fact it is what Steve is talking about. The losing is everything harmful we all have assumed is us and a necessary part of our lives. If I can begin to admit that I am negative, gloomy and mechanical at every step, then I can begin to let go of all of this junk I’ve assumed is my life up until now. What great news! How strange that so few people question their dreary lives and when hearing about losing one’s life they become afraid. That’s like a lost and lonely hiker in the forest being afraid of a rescue team coming to save them. We have to see the facts first, then the rescue team can come.


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