“How the World Controls You with Guilt”

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Personal Insights

A revealing talk

I listened to a revealing audio talk by Vernon Howard in which he said; “You will now become an expert on any sense of guilt put upon you.” What a beautiful aim that sheds light on that which previous occurres in the dark. When you have an inner aim to detect sly suggestions, big or small, to place you under guilt, you have a new, undiscovered power or tool to keep yourself sane and happy. Collect all the tools you can to bring up your happiness level, this is one of them. Have you ever agreed to do something for someone only later wishing you had not? What if you caught that guilt reaction, which answered; “yes,” and did not obligate yourself?

Our unseen false self-images cause us endless troubles. These self-images provide fertile ground for getting tripped up by guilt comments and requests. No matter how young or old you are, it is time to wise up to this energy stealing thief.

Become your own expert.

This guilt shaming happens inside and outside yourself. Both your mind and other people place guilt upon you more than you could ever imagine. Having the aim of becoming your own expert will reveal this. By working with this bright aim/exercise you will be surprised how often it is used against you and how you use it on others. You will suddenly become aware; “Oh my gosh, that was a guilt comment.” Everyone does it and this unconscious bad habit needs to be brought up to the light. This using guilt to control, is a cunning trick used by others to get you to do things they want you to do.

Most unsuspecting people miss this trick because they have a self-image of being strong, but factually they are really weak. It is only an image. When you decide to become your own expert you will be amazed at the clever ways people will try to use a sense of guilt to get their own way. Why not use your friends as an experiment to test what is being said here. Remain light hearted and keep your own council. Remember this “guilting” is done in disguise, nobody will come right out and say; “I’m now going to use guilt to get my own way.” It’s hidden, but it is there. Guilt is a useless emotion that needs to be understood out of existence. Feeling guilty is feeling bad. It is a drain on your natural energies. You will also discover how suggestible you are. Working on becoming aware of what is now unseen provides endless shocking and life changing facts for you to discover about yourself and the world around you. But only by doing the persistent ‘hard work of observing’ without judging yourself or others reactions, will you see if this post is true.

Moving to a happier place.

Vernon also mentioned that people suffer from not only personal loneliness, but they are “Cosmically Lonely,” they feel apart from the whole Universe. What a terrible condition be in. This explains the whole crazy world we hear about on the news every night. What if you are part of the cosmic whole and just don’t realize it? Guilt and loneliness are brothers and studying guilt will reveal this. Guilt is a brick, a weight that should be tossed out. Decide that guilt has no place in a happy persons’ life. Decide to be happy yourself. Summiting to guilt is death itself. Decide to keep a close eye on all guilt suggestions. I personally invite you to explore all of the above, what do you have to lose, but feeling bad about your guilt?


  1. Deep down we recognize what is true and we already know to some degree with what is being said in the post. The beauty is reading words that further explain and clarify the situations we find ourselves in on this planet called earth and the society we were born into. The thirst for more knowledge on spiritual matters to get even more explanations feels so right within and we yearn for more of this niceness. Yes, terrible things are happening on this planet and if you look, you see they are all connected with humans. That is, human beings are involved whenever madness is observed. Since I can not change 8 billion people, I will continue to work on myself to change the one I can change (with the help and guidance of truth) – “me.” Real self-responsibility is not a very popular subject on planet earth. It is much, much, much easier to simply blame my neighbor and then continue on my merry (not-so- merry) way.

  2. After 2 days, 48 hours of extra attention on sources or anything inside that feels guilty I’m pleasantly shocked. Also, while watching TV, to observe a character go into some action based on feelings of guilt, I can say guilt plays a huge part in motivation and is much more active/present than I would have believed. Going into action from guilt is insane. Get this, you and I suffer from guilty emotions every day and it happens underground, unconscious to us. This means that the ‘light’ is within everyone of us, but it is unseen, and undeveloped. Putting more attention on anything (in this case – guilt) yields spiritual gold. Guilt is false, but by doing its’ bidding we keep it going for another, future day. New discoveries on something that has always been there, just unseen. New understandings on what makes us and our neighbors tick.
    This is great news to see what is going on.

    • I’d like to share great anti-guilt tool (quote) I’ve used for years. I can’t remember if this came from Vernon:
      “It’s not selfish to live your life as you see fit. It’s only selfish to expect others to live their life as you see fit.”

      • Yes, leave everyone alone.

  3. The title could be : “How You Control You with Guilt”:…Why? you and the world are the same thing.

  4. ‘Guilt and loneliness are brothers’. This is a great clue I had never considered before. All negative emotions come from the same fearful family, although sometimes they will deny being related to each other. The guilty and negative emotions passing through me feel resentful about even beginning to investigate guilt. Happily I can start right now by ignoring them and scanning my inner world for guilt. Hooray my journey towards kicking guilt and his brother loneliness out of my life has begun!

  5. By seeing and observing guilt and loneliness operate inside ourselves we start to become experts on our own psychology and don’t need some outside expert, who may know or not know anything, tell us what we need to do or not do. The real solutions arrive from a higher source, an intelligent source and we are not tied to anyone on this earth for answers…now that is building a strong inner home where inner shakiness does not exist. Utterly tired of relying on fickle people, we start the journey to higher knowledge.


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