Small Books ~ Big Wisdom!

Powerful handbooks by Murray Oxman

“I cannot recommend these books enough. The kindest thing I could do for anyone is to show them one of Murray’s books”

Leo B. Ipswich

United Kingdom

Whenever life presents a challenge that I don’t know how to handle, I go to my collection of Murray Oxman books, randomly open one and, without exception, find the perfect help I need! There is practical magic in these books and I can truly say my life has taken on new meaning and excitement since applying Mr Oxman’s methods. I’m so happy my friend introduced me to these books and I encourage all of my friends to treat themselves to the simple yet lofty wisdom these small yet powerful books have to offer.


“Sweet are the uses of adversity.”
– William Shakespeare


“These handbooks are loaded with inspiring truths that make life fun”.

Steve Hunter

About the Author

Murray Oxman was a well known stress expert, public speaker and best selling author. His work is published in the prestigious American Journal of Psychology. For over 30 years, Murray led thousands of classes and seminars teaching people practical methods of self-healing. His books are flavored with gentle humor, yet provide a clear, straightforward approach to breaking free of mental suffering. Whether the subject is how to handle stress, dealing with difficult people, or coping with a crisis, Murray’s handbooks offer the reader all the tools needed to gain insight and make life work for them, not against them.

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