Wait No Longer, Life goes by Quickly

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Personal Insights


“A rose must be enjoyed when you first view it because it will not last long. Your Life is the same.”

Everyone thinks to themself…

“One Day, I will work on my being and improve my happiness.  I will put my attention on finding God, something higher, and find out everything I do not know. I will do it as soon as I am done making my present personal problem go away, make a lot of money, acquire some object or property, etc. What an evil trick to play on oneself. You are making a terrible contract with yourself, compromising your essence. Yes, You are compromising your very life.

Listen to why: If I don’t change right now, I will never change, and I will continue to build on all my bad habits, strengthening them so they are even more challenging to break. These bad habits have made me what I am today and a generally unhappy person. Remember: A rose must be enjoyed when viewing it because it will not last long. Your Life is the same. I have seen a rose change entirely in a mere few hours. The viewing beauty I did not have time for is forever lost. There is no going back. Heaven sent the higher thought to pause and slow down my life, and I ignored it.

Reality attempts to capture your attention every moment

Reality attempts to capture your attention every moment, so I will slow down my life and thoughts and take an inner inventory. Now, I am looking at my life in a new way and checking in to become honest about my internal condition. The individual part of me wants to live a relaxed existence. So I began to ask myself questions like: Could I do better? Might I be more fulfilled, and is the life I presently lead the life I truly want? What your heart desires is very different than what your mind wants. The masses go through their whole lives thinking what they now see about life is all there is. There is more.

There is so much more that is presently unseen, and the Great News is this unseen can be attained. I can have something a million times better. This very post is a higher calling for those who are secretly unsatisfied. In many cases, people have ignored how unhappy they are for fear of there not being answers. The real answers exist. Life is only a struggle if I make it that way. You have been listening to something that is not in your best interests. We have powers we haven’t met yet. Like a budding rose, everything can be different. Many higher thinkers have lived on planet Earth, but Vernon Howard is one of the few to bring this wisdom down to earth so the everyday man or woman can understand the actions they need to personally take to attain these marvels.

Something else is attempting to get through to you! 


  1. What a direct and timely teaching which I hungrily embrace….I have spent most of my life living with ” the disease of tomorrow…always putting off the hard work”. What a mistake that was ! But, dwelling on past mistakes will only keep me in the cycle of recycling the old. I love the higher calling this teaching speaks of….to explore the inner powers that we have not yet tapped into. Deep gratitude for your postings.

    • We love to see your comments, Glenda!

  2. I love this analogy of the rose. We have beautiful roses growing in our garden. Sometimes, I spot one budding from the kitchen window and tell myself to go outside in a day or two to capture its scent and beauty. Most of the time, I forget, only to see the petals on the ground later. Life can only be here right now. There is no future, and there is no past. We get a strange false sense of security, dwelling in the non-existent past and worrying about the non-existent future. Vernon Howard calls it the ‘Time self.’ Most of us live this way, but the good news is we can change this one second at a time by being aware of it. We can always start over right now. Right now.

  3. Great comments! So you decide to change yourself, fantastic. A moment-by-moment choice to not go further into sleep. When you are comfortable you see nothing going on inside, but when you are uncomfortable, Oh my, you notice big and small things about everything, your mindsets, ideas, and reactions. Observing these inner movements is panning for gold. Yes, it is unpleasant, but only for the false parts of you. Continue, but remember to keep it simple, you see, observe you have been kidnapped by the old nature, and then you simply put yourself down. Do no more. Repeat this healthy technique as much as possible. You will see picking up yourself is like picking up a hot potato-not good. Keep a light spirit about the whole process, and you shall know something new. Cheers!


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