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Lights Along the Mystic Path

By Vernon Howard | May 14, 2019 | 3 Comments

If we are stressed out and unhappy, it is because we are not living from our True Self. Ponder these helpful ideas from Vernon Howard’s book  Cosmic Command to discover what has been waiting for us all along. *** A wise plan for knowing who you are is to first discover who you are not,…

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Essence and Personality

By Maurice Nicoll | August 17, 2015 | 0 Comments

I was very moved by Maurice Nicholl’s writing on Essence and Personality in The Psychological Commentaries on the Teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky, Vol 3. The following excerpt shook me to the core. What I understood at one point in my life, is now seen anew. And I suspect that 5 years from…

The Single-Most Important Question Any Human Being Can Ask

By Vernon Howard | August 1, 2015 | 3 Comments

The Single-Most Important Question Any Human Being Can Ask         (an excerpt from a talk given by Vernon Howard)   “Am I willing as a human being here on this earth to understand that I’m living in unconscious self-conceit, and do I want to go above that? Now there it is! You…

Two Passages From Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet”

By Y@DminG | April 4, 2015 | 0 Comments

I awoke this morning with the thought of Kahlil Gibran and his beautiful poetry. Here are two passages from “The Prophet”, reiterated to enliven your spirit as it did mine: *** And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, Speak to us of Children. And he said: Your children are not your…

2 Excerpts from “There is a Way Out”

By Vernon Howard | April 10, 2014 | 0 Comments

an excerpt from There is a Way Out  by Vernon Howard Pleasantly Astounding “You once predicted that these teachings would become more pleasantly astounding as we went along. You were right. I am thinking of a specific area. The exact opposite happens from what we thought would happen. Instead of being punished by the truth…

2 Exercises for Inner Harmony

By Vernon Howard | March 6, 2014 | 0 Comments

         Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony (excerpts from Vernon Howard’s classic booklet) Get out of the tension trap. You can unlearn tension with these two steps: a. Be aware of physical tension. b. Deliberately relax from it. Run your attention over yourself to detect stressful states. Examples: Tense hands, anxious voice, tight…