“When You Need Help.”

by | May 8, 2023 | Personal Insights

When you need help, think; “contact” not “creation.” You are not a creator. Oh sure, yes you can create: build a table or paint a picture or write a poem, but inwardly you are not a creator. Can you create real happiness, how about a inner state of self-command, or a feeling of being in charge? Good Luck! How about a state of No Fear or being quiet and peaceful? What if there is something that already exists and you can contact. No need to create, just make contact. Nothing new can happen to a human until you allow something new to happen. Hanging out with the same ole familiar inner states of sadness and depression brings nothing new. Seeing that you are trying to create when you should be making contact is an utter relief. Seeing yourself doing something useless is the answer you have been seeking. There are thousands of relieving Truths to discover.

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  1. This is a game changer, Thank You Vernon Howard


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