Facts about Psychological Levels

Facts about Psychological Levels  by Vernon Howard

1. There are individual and there are humanity levels. The total of individual level equals the level of humanity.

2. Say you have 100 parts. Your level is determined by the number of understood parts as opposed to confused parts. A man who has 5 understanding parts and 95 misunderstanding parts is on a lower level than a man who has 10 understandings and 90 misunderstandings.

3. Your level goes out into the world and damages according to its lowness.

4.  Only a higher level can teach a lower level, but the lower must be willing to hear and learn.

5.  A false high level can deceive men but not God nor the man’s own nature.

6.  We suffer or feel good by our individual level.

7.  A level can only behave according to its level; to behave better the level must rise.

8.  People on the same level are attracted to each other ~ high attracts high, low attracts low, because each loves his own level.

9. When using the phrase high level, I use it only as an opposite. Everyone is low level, but we can climb higher.

10. You can only see you were on level 10 when you have risen to level 11. Though you will suffer from any level you are on ~ unconsciously.

11. The level of politics, religion, education, etc will be an exact duplicate of the average level of the citizens. No politician can ever be higher than the level of the people who voted him in. They will not vote in a man higher than their own insight. Except as an accident.


 Inner Life Exercise

 Do not go halfway. There is one declaration every earnest seeker must make, “I will not settle down in my present psychic location.”


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  1. Max on December 12, 2016 at 10:54 am

    Beautiful compilation on levels of Being! If we aim to know the mind of God, the higher will pull us up to align with It. Start life all over with this aim.

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