Empowering Talks Given by Murray Oxman


When Murray Oxman found Vernon Howard, he immersed himself completely into all aspects of the work, spreading the word of this new inner-life school. It wasn't long before Vernon sent Murray to Southern California to start classes, letting more people know about his teachings. For many years Murray led thousands of classes and worked diligently under Vernon’s instruction.

Shortly after Vernon Howard passed away in 1992, Murray went through a radical life changing transformation, known as ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ which lasted several years.  Having emerged from the ashes of his former life, Murray was ready to teach anew. Some former students of Vernon Howard, and some new, came together to journey with him until his passing in 2011.

Murray's legacy lives on through his small helpful books and grateful students who get together regularly to discuss these remarkable, tried and true principles of the Higher Life. We are all thankful for the enormous and selfless effort Murray gave.