Our Mission

What is Success Without Stress?

We are a small group of friendly volunteers, young and old, living in different parts of the US and in other countries, who have three things in common: We were all tired of suffering. We came in contact with the teachings of Vernon Howard, and applied his practical principles to our lives. We’ve all tested these new ideas and continue to experience a miraculous upward shift from commonplace to extraordinary.

If you are looking for a real and bright change in your life, please browse our site and discover these wonderful secrets for yourself.

"You must first become aware of a problem before you can dismiss it” -Vernon Howard

"Studying these teachings by reading the books and attending the classes SWS offers has improved my life more than I thought possible. I’m so grateful for everything Vernon Howard and Murray Oxman have handed down to us and feel it as my duty to let others know the pleasant life that awaits them if they accept these principles into their lives."

Melodie M. Corvallis, OR

"Upon learning of the teachings of Murray Oxman and Vernon Howard and applying them everyday, my life has gained a new understanding and new meaning. I am forever thankful for the principles and the men who devoted their lives to passing them on."

Bryan M. Bozeman, MT

"Every day when I listen to Vernon Howard's talks or read his books, I learn something true and new about myself. His words inspire me to be better and something more than I have ever been. These teachings are extremely relatable;  his analogies are incredibly helpful, and he always knows exactly what to say to make sense of life. I'm challenged in the best way possible and can't imagine life without this direction.  At last, I've committed myself to becoming a truly  healthy human being. I am eternally grateful that something Real exists! It's  the best thing anyone could give themselves; a true chance to live life the way it is intended to be lived. Thank you to all who keep  this going and good luck to  everyone."

Rose V, Oceanside, CA

"In this day and age, teachers as clear and concise as Murray Oxman and Vernon Howard are hard to come by. Until I found these teachings, I had assured myself that true spirituality was gone from this world. Thank God for  these remarkable men who passed down these teachings that completely changed my life for the better. Without these principles,  I would have given up on finding my True Self long ago. There is a way out of the human jungle and the answers are here!"

Nick M, Cedar City, UT