running horseWhen life presents something unexpected, most people cower, while the real part of them says, CHARGE!  Nothing is nicer than realizing you have hidden powers you forgot you had.  Being uneasy around others is totally unnecessary.

Vernon Howard, in his short read “Your Power of Natural Knowing”  gives us some very good news.  Here’s a sample:

“Don’t think there is comfort in giving yourself to others, in trying to blend your spirit with another.  You can share your home or dinner with others but God made your spirit to develop into vigorous independence.  Be a natural knower and be free.
Here is one way to end discomfort in human relations.  Suppose one day you feel uneasy while talking with others.  A glance inside yourself tells why.  You carelessly allowed the others to ask brazen questions about your personal affairs, which you resented.  You reluctantly gave them nervous answers.  But now this new insight awakens rightful rebellion in you.  Wanting to break free of their intrusions, you walk away.  From that day on you never again permit anyone to take liberties with you.  Your natural inner strength expresses itself outwardly in a silent warning to impolite people to back off.  This is sane boldness.”


Inner-Life Exercise

Don’t try to please other people.  Please yourself first and then your spirit will be right and happy.  Others will sense your independence.  Everyone likes being around someone who’s in charge of himself.  It encourages their own independence whether they know it or not.

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