2 Excerpts from “There is a Way Out”


an excerpt from There is a Way Out 

by Vernon Howard

Pleasantly Astounding

“You once predicted that these teachings would become more pleasantly astounding as we went along. You were right. I am thinking of a specific area. The exact opposite happens from what we thought would happen. Instead of being punished by the truth we are released from punishment.”
“Yes, it is indeed a pleasantly astounding process. Take the act of letting go of stubborn ideas. The more you let go of yourself while fearing to do so the less afraid you become.”

Another World

“For long enough I have been trying to make sense out of nonsense. It is time to stop.”
“It is nice, is it not, to be among members of this group who have the same aim?”
“It is like living in another world.”
“It is another world.”
“Yes, I feel it.”

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