Murray Oxman had and amazing way of conveying facts which can be very difficult to accept and apply to oneself.  We are so used to blaming others for our problems —  and this is the very reason our problems continue.  Here is an excerpt from Mr Oxman’s “How to Beat the Stress and Get More Out of Life”, followed by a message from his
“How to Tune Up your Life” handbook.  Both are of immense value.

A New Way to Approach Problemsmeadow

“We are all conditioned to think that the painful thoughts and feelings we have are not only needful, but that they are us.  But they are not.  We are not the worries, regrets and self-criticisms we experience.  We are neither the stressful feelings nor the elated feelings.  None of it.

“At the same time, we have to take full responsibility for ourselves — including not only our actions but our thoughts and emotions.  We can’t blame someone else or blame circumstances for anything anymore.  Each of us has to begin to see that only we ourselves have made our own lives what they are, and only we ourselves can correct it.  We can acquire knowledge, but the understanding must be ours individually.

“Each one of us has to accept the fact that we can be free of our problems as soon as we fully see the cause of them, which is our own personal conditioned attitudes and behavior.  That’s what really works.

Inner Life Exercise

Attract the Light

“It is always good to cultivate and maintain a little healthy doubt about one’s self and life.  If we are cocky and always very sure it leads to certain disappointment and frustration.  This is a good place to introduce the theme of the struggle between being merely an ordinary human being and a non-ordinary one.  An ordinary person wants and seeks comfort and certainty.  The non-ordinary person thrives on inner-change, challenges, and new inquiries into his own life and actions.  It is important to remember that a non-ordinary person is nothing more than an ordinary person who chose to grow inwardly.”

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