As a child and young adult,  I was surrounded by people who were suffering terribly, yet assured me that if  I continued on the path they had followed, I would eventually reach a place of relief and peace.  Even though it was apparent to me at the time that they had not attained that ‘good place’, I followed these same paths of acquiring those things that by all predictions should make me happy.  You know … family, career, entertainment, possessions, status…these things should have done it, but I was left in even more distress.   Clearly I was using up all of my hopeful options for attaining the ‘higher life’.  Thank God I met Vernon Howard.  Through his lectures, and amazing writings, Mr Howard never let up on his conviction and assertion that indeed a ‘New Life’ exists right here before us, and is available just for the asking.  I assure you, through personal experience, a truly different world exists, beyond anything imaginable.  Work is indeed required, and the effort of a lifetime, yet thankfully, if you are reading this, it is not too late.



Many years ago a temple of higher knowledge was being built on a hill overlooking the Nile.  The man who would become its chief teacher wanted a suitable proverb to be inscribed over the front door.  He thought about it many times as work progressed.  The morning finally came when the foreman needed to have the selected proverb, so he asked the teacher for it.  ‘Please come back in an hour,’ requested the teacher, ‘I will then have it for you.’

While thinking about it, the teacher wandered near a skilled workman who was gently correcting the work of a young man.  The teacher heard the older man make the encouraging remark, ‘There is another way.’

Over the years as troubled students and visitors entered the temple, their first lesson was inscribed over the door.  It read:  THERE IS ANOTHER WAY.

–Vernon Howard, Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge


Inner Life Exercise

You must admit wrongness in yourself while remembering that it is not your real nature.  It is essential to perform both of these acts at the same time.  This double act helps you to see that no person is either good or bad in himself, that only God is good.   It is like observing your former personal diary floating down a river.  You can see it, but also realize that it has no present connection with you.  In these few sentences you will find everything necessary for newness.

–Vernon Howard, 100 WAYS to DEFEAT SATAN



  1. Steve on December 2, 2019 at 6:48 am

    ” THERE IS ANOTHER WAY” …Right to the point and super inspiring for the very few whom can’t live the way they have in the past. They see the utter futility of continuing on that road they are on and seek a more pleasant and nice road. The good news is…one exists.

  2. Terry on January 4, 2020 at 11:06 am

    Vernon’s absolutely right. There is nothing more freeing than admitting wrongness in yourself while at the same time remembering that it is not your real nature. This objective and purifying state is, in itself, the beginning of the end to your identifying and personal attachments. If you only knew just what a true life-giving truth this really is, you would let absolutely nothing get in the way of your honoring this inner life exercise every chance you get.

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