Do What You Don’t Want to Do

StormIt has been emphasized by many great teachers that any attempt to ‘fix’ ourselves is not only futile, but counter productive to our spiritual growth.   Perhaps this compelling propensity we have is due to our arrogance; we don’t want to view ourselves as under very concrete and immutable laws of nature. It is as if we seek to be the creators of ourselves – apart and greater than God’s grand creation.  Whatever the reason, if we sincerely desire to progress as we were put on this planet to do, we must abide by the guidelines so graciously set before us.  I can see now why Murray Oxman always emphasized above all, “Always do what you don’t want to do.” What follows is an enduring and powerful direction given to us by Jiddu Krishnamurti from  The Book of Life.


Listen to the question, to the meaning behind the words.  Can the crude mind become sensitive?  If I say my mind is crude and I try to become sensitive, the very effort to become sensitive is crudity.  Please see this.  Don’t be intrigued, but watch it.  Whereas, if I recognize that I am crude without wanting to change, without trying to become sensitive, if I begin to understand what crudeness is, observe it in my life from day to day – the greedy way I eat, the roughness with which I treat people, the pride, the arrogance, the coarseness of my habits and thoughts – then that very observation transforms what is.  Similarly, if I am stupid and I say I must become intelligent, the effort to become intelligent is only a greater form of stupidity; because what is important is to understand stupidity.  However much I may try to become intelligent, my stupidity will remain.  I may acquire the superficial polish of learning, I may be able to quote books, repeat passages from great authors, but basically I shall still be stupid.  But if I see and understand stupidity as it expresses itself in my daily life – how I behave towards my servant, how I regard my neighbor, the poor man, the rich man, the clerk – then that very awareness brings about a breaking up of stupidity.


Inner Life Exercise

Absorb these golden guides in your quest to be a truly decent human being.  From Vernon Howard’s Cosmic Command:

630.  The kind of mind that creates problems cannot solve them, for only a higher mind has solutions.

1108.  By admitting wrongness about something we take all the wrong fight out of it, and then begin to be right.

1124.  Be grateful for a power greater than you in the universe, which will do for you what you cannot do for yourself.


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  1. Gina on March 25, 2019 at 6:24 pm

    In our sleepy, socked-in unconscious state, we can nay Do what is right and helpful for our Souls salvation. Thankfully, the creator has given us, as outlined here, the ability to make great effort in the not – doing! So helpful! I always feel lighter and brighter when making a move in this higher direction!!

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