How Dreams May Be Made to Come True

sailboatHow Dreams May Be Made to Come True
(from Pathways to Perfect Living by Vernon Howard)

Do you notice something interesting about the preceding ideas?  Do you see how many of them go against your present concepts?  That is good.  It means that they can produce the results opposite to those you have been getting.

This is a perfect example of what happens all along the esoteric path.   What we formerly took as an enemy, now becomes a friend.  What we used to think was the friend, is now seen as uselessness. True  there is a shock involved in changing our viewpoints, but beyond the shock is relief.  As Henry Frederick Amiel explains, “The natural man in us flinches, but the better self submits.

To grow in happiness we must distinguish  between what we can do and what we must not try to do.  We must see that we are not responsible for the cosmic life-movement in itself, but we are responsible for making our lives move in harmony with it.  It is similar to an airplane.  We need not create the scientific laws governing flight;  they exist already.  If there are faults in the airplane, making it unable to harmonize with the principles of flight, it is our duty to repair it.  Likewise with life.  Our task is to correct the faulty mechanism within, which makes psychic flight natural and pleasant.

By working on yourself correctly, your dreams come true.  But these fulfilled dreams are not those envisaged by your surface character, but by your essence.  Your essence hints at what could be true, then asks if you are willing to shed illusions in order to attain them.  By replying in the affirmative, your dreams come true.

Inner Life Exercise

Work to understand this Poem of Perception by
Vernon Howard:

I is a lie.


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