Inner and Outer

By watching my day and seeing how life unfolds, I notice the inner and outer world are exactly the same.  Vernon Howard speaks on this in Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge:

butterfly paintingInner and Outer

‘There is a teaching I wish to grasp more fully,’ stated Alan.
‘The inner and the outer are the same.  What does that mean?’
‘Start by examining your relationship with yourself.  What is it like?  Do you have inner quarrels?  Are you torn back and forth?  This is your self-relationship.  Now look outward.  You will see that your relations with people and events are exactly the same.  They must be.  A wolf is a wolf, indoors or out.  Dressing him in a wool coat does not make him a lamb.  Now see the cheery side.  As you change inwardly through self-insight, you change outwardly also.  You have no quarrel with anything, for you have no quarrel with yourself.  Is that worth finding?’


Inner Life Exercise

Take notice of your inner arguments, and let this expand into an examination of your conversations with others.  Notice everything, in all honesty, but do not judge or feel bad in any way.  Again, self-insight is the key to change.
Good fun, with a lofty purpose.