Inner Newness

Sometimes this work is about  taking baby steps for inner freedom.  For example, not saying that mean, flippant remark, or slowing down a little.  A really nice aim is not to allow yourself to feel bad about anything.  It is important to work on yourself all day long, every day.  If we do not make effort, we waste our life.  Freedom is granted by giving up the self that thinks it knows best.  This self will NEVER want to do it.  That’s when you know you are going in the right direction.


The following helpful ideas are from Vernon Howard’s book, Cosmic Command under the heading,


To travel from knowing spiritual facts to living them we must pass through the vanity of

Self-renewal occurs spontaneously when habitual thoughts are dropped.

Right obedience is to obey your yearning for newness.

Change starts with even the dim realization of being betrayed by our own faulty thoughts.

Enter yourself, let self-honesty turn you in the right direction, after which self-awareness lives your life through you.

The reckless running of old thoughts prevents the appearance of new ways.

As birds tell weary sailors of nearby land, true ideas foretell a new life.

Few people realize how little truth they can take, but those that do will be new.

Declare, “I need not remain as I am”, and then proceed to turn that fact into a personal experience.


Inner Life Exercise

Think each day about self-change instead of circumstance-change.


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