Here is a beautiful lesson about Life impressions from Vernon Howard in The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power :


Life Lessons

“What kind of impression are you making on yourself?  It is self-enriching to find out.
Every twenty-four hours you receive thousands of positive and negative impressions.  They come from outside and within.  You see a glittering lake or you overhear a gloomy remark, or someone smiles at you — and you have three separate impressions.  You suddenly recall an incident from yesterday or wonder about tomorrow’s weather — and have two more impressions…

“Impressions flow in a constant stream;  you need do nothing to invite them and you cannot stop them.  But the kind of impressions admitted to your mind  make your life what it is.

“Upon reaching a certain level of psychic awareness, you have the power to receive only healthy impressions, the cheery and helpful ones.  If negative impressions come your way, you will be able to stop them before they penetrate to make you sad or upset.  Unhealthy impressions are like theives in the night,  who steal your psychic riches leaving you poor and exhausted.  You cannot stop them from trying to enter, but you can prevent them from actually penetrating.  By becoming aware of them, by exposing the thieves in the night,  you destroy them.  It is as if you have the magic ability to dissolve a flying stone before it strikes you.

“There are millions of beautiful impressions and they are all for you.    They are enough to make you a supremely happy man, or woman.  You need only exclude the unwanted impressions and welcome the happy ones.”


Inner Life Exercise

Simply watch and be curious to see the impressions you are making on yourself: in the morning, at work or school, during lunchtime, at dinner and during the evening.   Also be alert to the impressions you are having as you fall asleep.  You are separating from your thoughts and feelings that keep you driven and tired during your days.  Good things will happen if you stick with this exercise.



  1. Gina on March 11, 2019 at 7:21 pm

    I am so grateful for Vernon Howard’s teaching, and the understandable presentation of such miraculous principles as this. The simplicity with which he speaks makes accessible to me magnificent Truths, practical in my daily life. Here is a bit more on Impressions as food by GI Gurdjieff and recounted to P.D. Ouspensky in “In Search of the
    Miraculous,” taken from the edition published by by Paul H. Crompton Ltd 2004,
    Page 181.
    “For its normal existence the organism must receive all three kinds of food, that is,
    physical food, air, and impressions. The organism cannot exist on one or even on two
    kinds of food, all three are required. But the relation of these foods to one another and
    their significance for the organism is not the same. The organism can exist for a
    comparatively long time without a supply of fresh physical food. Cases of starvation are
    known lasting for over sixty days, when the organism lost none of its vitality and
    recovered very quickly as soon as it began to take food. Of course starvation of this kind
    cannot be considered as complete, since in all cases of such artificial starvation people
    have taken water. Nevertheless, even without water a man can live without food for
    several days. Without air he can exist only for a few minutes, not more than two or three;
    as a rule a man dies after being four minutes without air. Without impressions a man
    cannot live a single moment. If the flow of impressions were to be stopped in some way
    or if the organism were deprived of its capacity for receiving impressions, it would
    immediately die. The flow of impressions coming to us from outside is like a driving belt
    communicating motion to us. The principal motor for us is nature, the surrounding world.
    Nature transmits to us through our impressions the energy by which we live and move
    and have our being. If the inflow of this energy is arrested, our machine will immediately
    stop working. Thus, of the three kinds of food the most important for us is impressions,
    although it stand to reason that a man cannot exist for long on impressions alone.
    Impressions and air enable a man to exist a little longer. Impressions, air, and physical
    food enable the organism to live to the end of its normal term of life and to produce the
    substances necessary not only for the maintenance of life, but also for the creation and
    growth of higher bodies. “

  2. Melodie Machovina on March 13, 2019 at 1:57 pm

    The topic of impressions is such an important one that you rarely hear about. Thanks to Vernon, I now have the knowledge I need to watch what kinds of impressions I’m taking in, and how this affects my life. This is so empowering!

  3. Leo on March 13, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    I accept so many negative impressions in my day it becomes a habit!

    But to quote from the excerpt above:

    ‘By becoming aware of them, by exposing the thieves in the night, you destroy them. It is as if you have the magic ability to dissolve a flying stone before it strikes you.’

    Good news!

  4. Lisa Hunter on March 15, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    We really do have a choice. We always pay for what we invite into our life. Good or bad.

    VH said; “Count the cost before you have to pay it”

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