lighthouseThe Light of Self-Honesty

Keith stated, “All of us sense the power of self-honesty.  How can we make it work for us?”

“When  a man takes an unpleasant fact about himself as a fact, and not as a hurtful criticism, it ceases to be a fact.  This is mental magic.  Suppose a deceitful man is told that he is deceitful.  He wrongly takes it as a criticism but not as a fact.  By refusing to face the fact the self-punishment of deceit must continue, such as the punishment of nervousness.  But when honestly taking it as a fact he admits self-light.  This light then reveals that deceit is self-punishing.  Seeing this, deceit vanishes of itself, for self-punishment never continues when seen as self-punishment.  Honesty is light.  Light cancels darkness.”

People who say they want help and encouragement need look nowhere else but toward their own self-honesty.

Vernon Howard, Inspire Yourself


Inner Life Exercise

from How to Tune Up Your Life by Murray Oxman

Tool 4 – Conserve Your Energy:  Energy and Light are synonymous.  In order for the Inner-Light to shine brightly we must not waste energy.  How do we waste our energy?  Through all kinds of negative feelings, negative thoughts and actions.  No matter how large or small, they rob us of vital energy.  Negativity damages our bodies and our spirits.


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