Lights Along the Mystic Path

If we are stressed out and unhappy, it is because we are not living from our True Self.
Ponder these helpful ideas from Vernon Howard’s book  Cosmic Command to discover what has been waiting for us all along.


A wise plan for knowing who you are is to first discover who you are not, and you are not your acquired self-descriptions.

Lose false identity and win true life.

To be free of yourself really means to be free of every acquired and unconscious notion you have about yourself.

The less a man knows who he really is, the more he will frantically describe himself.

Never let anyone tell you who you are.

No one feels right with his imaginary identity.

The pain of not knowing who you are is ended by seeing you need not be anyone at all.

One’s real identity is not that either of an evil or good person, but is an unlabeled expression of the Cosmic Whole.

Our true identity as part of the Cosmic Whole has no need for protection or promotion.


Inner-Life Exercise

Express even a faint wish to leave the lower and it will attract aid from the higher.