Refuse to Feel Bad

post2Refuse to Feel Bad

Life really does become fun again when we follow these powerful principles!  Murray Oxman explains exactly what to do in his encouraging book, “How to Tune Up Your Life”.  Here is an excerpt:

Tool 13 —  Refuse to Feel Bad:  Real lasting happiness and comfort do exist.  Where are they?  Why can’t most people find them?  It’s because they’re hidden from view.  They’re like buried treasure — you have to know where to dig.  Curious?  Want to know more?  OK — here it is:  Lasting happiness and comfort are deeply buried under the unhappiness and discomfort everyone has.  Isn’t it strange that we become content with what meager little comfort we have because we’re so afraid that things could get worse.  It doesn’t make sense!  We live a life of constant dread that somehow we might lose our comfort or security.  That means they are really no comfort or security at all!  Doesn’t it?

That’s the bad news.  Here’s the good news. Real comfort, security, and happiness are the absence of unhappiness, worry and insecurity.  Please go slowly here.  Think about it a moment or two.  This tool is about uncovering lost buried treasure.  From now on, whenever you start to feel down, turn your attention to what’s going on inside.   Carefully watch your thoughts and feelings.  Be tenacious and you will discover real gold:  It is in fact your inner-world events that are the source of your unhappy situation.

There is nothing that exists that could be added to your inner-world that would make things better.  It’s analogous to a bad apple.  It can’t be transformed into a fresh delicious piece of fruit. What do you do with a bad apple?  You get rid of it!  The same holds true for your bad inner-state — you just get rid of it! How?  By not going along with it — that’s the tool you use!  By not giving it any power over you at all!  It will try all its tricks on you that have always worked, but this time stand steadfast — refuse to feel bad!  You can do it!  You must do it for your own well being.  Then watch as the Light dispels the darkness.


Inner Life Exercise

For a month change everything about your daily routine as much as possible.  Perhaps, get up earlier in the morning and go to bed earlier.  Make a conscious effort to eat foods you don’t usually eat.  Even eat at slightly different times.  Find other big and small ways to break your usual routine.  Stay with it.  You’ll discover much valuable information about you and your life.  Hint:  you might really enjoy yourself everyday.


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