The Wandering Lunatic Mind

At first, venturing into unknown territories of the mind can be a little scary.    The good news is that the more you see, the freer you become.  We are slaves to the  unconscious workings of our minds.  The following short essay by Edward Carpenter explains this beautifully.


The Wandering Lunatic Mind

Do not pay too much attention to the wandering lunatic mind.

When you have trained it, informed it, made it clear,
decisive, and your flexible instrument and tool,
Why, do not then reverse the order and become the mere
fatuous attendant and exhibitor of its acrobatic feats (like
a keeper who shows off a monkey).
Remember that if you walk away from it, leaving it as
dead, paying it no attention whatever–it will have to follow
you–it will grow by following, by reaching up to you, from
the known to the unknown, continually;
It will become at last the rainbow-tinted garment and
shining interpreter of Yourself, and incredibly beautiful,
But if you turn and wait always upon it, and its idiotic
cares and anxieties, and endless dream-chains of argument
and imagination–
Feeding them and the microbe-swarms of thought continually,
wasting upon them your life-force;
Why, then, instead of your Mind becoming your true
companion and interpreter, it will develop antics and a St. Vitus’ dance
of its own, and the form of a wandering lunatic,
Incredibly tangle-haired and diseased and unclean,
In whose features you, in sadness and in vain, will search
for your own image–terrified lest you find it not, and
terrified too lest you find it.

Therefore, quite decisively, day by day and at every juncture,
leave your Mind for a time in silence and abeyance;
With its tyrannous thoughts and demands, and funny
little fears and fancies–the long legacy of ages of animal evolution;
Slipping out and going your own way into the Unseen–
feeling with your feet if necessary through the darkness–
till some day it may follow you;
Absolutely determined not to be bound by any of its
conclusions; or fossilized in any pattern that it may invent;
For this were to give up your kingdom, and bow down your neck to Death.


Inner Life Exercise

Empty Exercise
by Vernon Howard
One day don’t mind if you feel empty inside. It is no cause for distress. Emptiness is not the problem. It is simply that you don’t understand it. Be free to feel totally empty. In fact, go right ahead and try to feel even more empty. It won’t hurt a bit. Don’t mind emptiness any more than you would mind a picture of an empty glass when thirsty. One day you will know so much about an empty feeling you will be empty of interest in it.



  1. Steve on October 10, 2017 at 1:03 am

    Applying the 1st sentence in the 1st paragraph alone would cut your drama time by 75%. You are important but your drama is total illusion of your own making. It’s become popular to be a victim these days. What if you are really just fine, totally fine but you have forgotten to tell yourself?

  2. Leo on July 28, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    The last thing in the world I want to do is to leave my mind ‘in silence and abeyance;’. Today I got tired of the rush so I tried it. It’s a relief to know I don’t have to listen to the part of me that is always rushing to the next thing.

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